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A 20Megapixel VR display and Foveated rendering

tl,dr: Some companies (including Google) have announced soon-to-be available (2018) very-high resolution VR/AR displays. To deliver on these, two problems need to be overcome – not enough memory bandwidth or GPU compute available)(to be solved with foveated rendering techniques) which … Continue reading

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Procedurally Distributing Game Objects

I was discussing procedural content with someone last week and I was reminded of some research into space filling distributions and their use in games. One interesting procedure that I’ve run across is called the Halton Sequence, and it has … Continue reading

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Otto Berkes – the last Xbox founder – leaves Microsoft

Way back when I was writing my OpenGL Book, I had the good fortune to run across some stupendous folks at Microsoft who were forthright and open and very very helpful to me, answering questions, implementation details, and generally reviewing … Continue reading

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Kick-ass graphics and Larrabee!

Back in 2008 I took a job with Intel. Intel was starting to ramp up its Larrabee effort and was looking to hire some knowledgeable graphics engineers who could also talk to game developers about *other* things like threading, performance, … Continue reading

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WARP-Microsoft’s “fast” DirectX software rasterizer

It turns out that Microsoft did something very interesting Windows 7, something incredibly cool in fact! Windows 7 will contain something called WARP10, which stands for Windows Advanced Rasterization Platform.  This is, in essence, a software rasterizer for DirectX.  WARP10 … Continue reading

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The start of the Intel Shopping Spree: Intel accquires physics engine maker Havok

The more time goes by, the more I really think that Intel want’s back into the graphics market. Graphics are the most obvious pathway to beefier machines for the consumer and the easier it is to create cool graphics that … Continue reading

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NVIDIA Releases Developer Tools

At the GDC, graphics chip maker NVIDIA announced they are releasing a bunch of updated and new tools. The tool upgrades are: FX Composer 2, PerfHUD 5, ShaderPerf 2. They are also releasing a new GPU-accelerated texture tool, plus a … Continue reading

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OpenGL 2.0 launched!

The OpenGL ARB has formally released the OpenGL 2.0 specification. This not only included things like the improved OpenGL Shading Language API’s, but a bunch of other new features as well. The highlights are; Programmable Shading Interface       … Continue reading

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