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DirectX 9 Beta 2 SDK is available

Microsoft’s Beta Place has posted the DX9 Beta 2 SDK. This update is 9.0b. If you’re a beta member then you can get the beta from the Beta Place. This will become a public release in “the very near term.”

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3Dlabs ships OpenGL Shading Language compiler

3Dlabs has released the front-end OpenGL Shading Language compiler as an open source project (here). This is for 3Dlabs’ Wildcat VP line of cards (which will also require the OpenGL 2.0 drivers). This is just the front-end compiler – it … Continue reading

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Mad Software preps ShaderWorks – a shader development tool for DirectX

We’re a bit dubious of non-free strictly shader development tools given the plethora of freely available tools from graphics card vendors anxious to build up a market. Into this void steps Mad Software with ShaderWorks, a shader development tool. It … Continue reading

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Siggraph 2003

Long before there was a Game Developers Conference, E3, Meltdown, Mojo Days, etc. there was Siggraph. You could expect to see the coolest, latest, and most memorable eye-popping stuff there. Siggraph was where academia, engineering, art, and implementation met in … Continue reading

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