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From out of Virtual Left Field – Magic Leap arrives!

There’s a new player in town that’s bound to shake things up in the VR/AR community. Magic Leap has pretty much come out of nowhere and has thudded to earth with the subtly of an asteroid strike. Even if you … Continue reading

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Android 5.0 “Lollipop” debuts the OpenGL-ES 3.1 API

Android 5.0 – Lollipop  – Arrives. And it’s got lot’s of developer goodies in it. ART Runtime Google has replaced “Dalvik” (the Java-esqe runtime, which was a Just-In-Time compiling virtual machine) with ART – the new “Ahead-Of-Time RunTime” compiling virtual … Continue reading

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OpenGL-ES 3.0 Proliferation

The Android dashboard provides some useful information about the Android environment in the wild. One interesting thing is they provide values for the supported OpenGL-ES versions. Since OpenGL-ES 3.0 started showing up after KitKat was released, its numbers have been … Continue reading

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Kick-ass graphics and Larrabee!

Back in 2008 I took a job with Intel. Intel was starting to ramp up its Larrabee effort and was looking to hire some knowledgeable graphics engineers who could also talk to game developers about *other* things like threading, performance, … Continue reading

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Is Intel just getting back into the graphics business, or are they going to change it?

It’s no great secret that Intel has been eyeing the discreet graphics market. Intel typically owns about 30-40% of the desktop graphics market, but that’s strictly integrated (and hence – usually considered underpowered) graphics. ATI and Nvidia own most of … Continue reading

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NVIDIA Releases Developer Tools

At the GDC, graphics chip maker NVIDIA announced they are releasing a bunch of updated and new tools. The tool upgrades are: FX Composer 2, PerfHUD 5, ShaderPerf 2. They are also releasing a new GPU-accelerated texture tool, plus a … Continue reading

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ATI overtakes NVIDIA – barely

Data released on Monday by Mercury Research shows that ATI edged out NVIDIA in sales for Q4 2003. The numbers were Intel 31.7%, ATI 24.9%, and NVIDIA 24.7%. ATI increased at Intel & NVIDIA expense. Most of the change was … Continue reading

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XBox Revenues Rise 20%

Microsoft officials have posted slightly better than expected figures for the company’s first quarter results. Unusually sales were boosted from outside of the company’s core business, in particular servers and MSN. For the period ended September 30 sales rose 6% … Continue reading

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