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Intel, NVIDIA, ATI account for 80% of the GPU market for Q2 – 45% of that DX9 capable

XBitlabs reports some Mercury Research results for Q2 graphics market share from Q1. The big winner is Intel (even before they release the fricken Grantsdale chipset) increasing share from 27% to 32% – due to the integrated P4 chipsets. ATI … Continue reading

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Xbox Next to have ATI GPU’s

Well, that explains the $US18 million listed as a “deferred revenue associated with an unannounced contract” that showed up on ATI’s books last quarter. This apparently was a prepayment for R&D associated with developing the graphics chips for the next-gen … Continue reading

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XGI maps out strategy

No one ever said that the consumer video graphics market was banal. Extreme Graphics Inovation (XGI) is, according to president Chris Lin, moving quickly to establish itself in the graphics chip market. The company aims to break even in the … Continue reading

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ShaderWorks’ update

I got an eMail from Scott Bean of Mad Software with some updated info on ShaderWorks in which he addresses some of the comments of my earlier article and I thought I’d share his comments here. While a price hasn’t … Continue reading

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3DO assets to be bid on by 7 companies on Aug. 14th

By the deadline, Microsoft, Turbine Entertainment Software, Crave Entertainment (all US), Eidos (Britain), Ubi Soft (France), JoWooD Productions Software (Germany), and Namco Hometek (Japan) have all filed to bid in the Aug. 14 auction. According to the court order bidders … Continue reading

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Ace’s Hardware finds some skewed numbers running 3DMark03

Are the days of benchmark apps numbered? In an interesting review of testing systems, Ace’s Hardware ran 3DMark03 on systems from a 350Mhz PII to an 2.8Ghz P4. It turns out that while games show significant sensitivity to the CPU, … Continue reading

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