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EGL- Understanding eglChooseConfig, then ignoring it

A few months ago I posted a talk on initializing OpenGL-ES using the EGL API. Well now I’m going to walk you through how to actually get the configuration you want. Nearly all of the OpenGL-ES code I’ve seen (including … Continue reading

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OpenGL-ES 3.0 surpasses 16% of Android market and is accelerating

The Android dashboard continues to show that OpenGL-ES 3.0 adoption is marching on. In fact it seems like the trend over the last few months as been one of accelerated adoptions. We’re on track for 1/3rd of all Android devices … Continue reading

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Oculus Rift Musings: Part 2 – the Facebook Acquisition

I’m excited to announce that we’ve agreed to acquire Oculus VR, the leader in virtual reality technology. Mark Zuckerberg March 25, 2014 And that was the 2 billion dollar “cha-ching” heard ’round the world. Now there are two extreme this … Continue reading

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