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Meltdown 2003

One of the more technical DirectX conferences is Microsoft’s own Meltdown (July 16, 17 in Seattle or July 29, 30 in London) and is a premier chance to learn from the DirectX team directly. If you don’t get a chance … Continue reading

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Trident sell Graphics Chip division to SiS

Yesterday Trident Microsystems, Inc. announced that it has pulled out of the graphics chips market after less than a year and will focus on its digital TV & set-top-box business. The graphics division was sold to SIS and will be … Continue reading

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Further NVIDIA optimizations…

This story get keeps getting more interesting. On June 2nd FutureMark retreated a bit from earlier claims, stating that they’d run across some optimizations and not cheats when testing the latest drivers from NVIDIA.. The latest twist involves further evidence … Continue reading

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Endgame for 3DO

In a sad conclusion to one of the more interesting companies in the game business, 3DO files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of California, and will try to sell off … Continue reading

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NVIDIA’s Dawn – corporate avatar collects tainted reputation

No doubt you’ve all seen the fantastic NVIDIA Dawn demo – each year at GDC, E3, Siggraph, etc. we see better and better graphics card demos. If you noticed in the last few years we’ve gone from cool looking 3D … Continue reading

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