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Game Developers Conference 2003, March 4-8 San Jose

Why in God’s name they have to hold the thing in San Jose or Santa Clara every year I’ll never know. One year they did hold it in Long Beach and that was at least different. But in any event, … Continue reading

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Richard Huddy interview on DriverHeaven

Those you you that have attended a Game Developer Conference, Meltdown, Siggraph, etc. or frequent the directx-dev list have seen Richard Huddy in action. DriverHeaven has posted an interview with Richard in which he talks about his move to ATI, … Continue reading

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NVIDIA and Microsoft make-up – End arbitration over XBox chip pricing

An NVIDIA press release announced that they had reached an agreement with Microsoft over the pricing dispute of the GPU (graphics) and MPU (audio/networking) chips that NVIDIA manufacturers for the XBOX. NVIDIA president and CEO Jen-Hsun Huang, states “This is … Continue reading

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