Richard Huddy interview on DriverHeaven

Those you you that have attended a Game Developer Conference, Meltdown, Siggraph, etc. or frequent the directx-dev list have seen Richard Huddy in action. DriverHeaven has posted an interview with Richard in which he talks about his move to ATI, his job there, and why he and nearly all of the NVIDIA European Dev. Group left the company. It’s got some juicy quotes like this:

Huddy:NVIDIA used to be a technology company pure and simple but has recently allowed itself to become led by marketing. To give two straightforward examples of things it has done wrong, it produced a product called the GeForce 4 MX, which is clearly a GeForce 2 class piece of hardware, and it spent almost a year too long producing the GeForce FX. The first costs the trust of buyers everywhere, and the second cost them the lead in a very competitive race.

Yes, all the Code Mafia guys could see this kind of thing happening at NVIDIA. We fought these errors from inside NVIDIA but the management didn’t agree with our judgement about what was wrong – so we agreed to part company. We actually left on really good terms – but I admit that they weren’t too pleased when we signed up with ATI!

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