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Another ex-CEG’er, Kevin Bachus, ends up at Infinium Labs

Infinium Labs reported that it’s hired Kevin Bachus as President and Chief Operating Officer. The Florida based start-up announced that his immediate focus will be the launch of the company’s Phantom Gaming Service, a broadband-based gaming system that will provide … Continue reading

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ATI overtakes NVIDIA – barely

Data released on Monday by Mercury Research shows that ATI edged out NVIDIA in sales for Q4 2003. The numbers were Intel 31.7%, ATI 24.9%, and NVIDIA 24.7%. ATI increased at Intel & NVIDIA expense. Most of the change was … Continue reading

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Half-Life 2 happenings…

As you already know, someone hacked into the Valve offices and stole the HL2 code, prompting a 8-9 month delay in the publishing of HL2. According to some recent articles on Slashdot and HalflifeRadio, the FBI launched a raid on … Continue reading

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