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From out of Virtual Left Field – Magic Leap arrives!

There’s a new player in town that’s bound to shake things up in the VR/AR community. Magic Leap has pretty much come out of nowhere and has thudded to earth with the subtly of an asteroid strike. Even if you … Continue reading

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Android 5.0 “Lollipop” debuts the OpenGL-ES 3.1 API

Android 5.0 – Lollipop  – Arrives. And it’s got lot’s of developer goodies in it. ART Runtime Google has replaced “Dalvik” (the Java-esqe runtime, which was a Just-In-Time compiling virtual machine) with ART – the new “Ahead-Of-Time RunTime” compiling virtual … Continue reading

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Android OpenGL-ES 3.0 surpasses 25%

OpenGL-ES 3.0 is now over 25%. The folks at Google must have been busy the last month – they forgot to update the Dashboard for October – which is why there’s a gap between the last two points. (Yes, somebody … Continue reading

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My Oculus DK2 arrived!

I heard about a week ago that folks were starting to get their Oculus (Dev Kit 2) DK2’s. The big changes are the improivement of the display to be more VR friendly  – the low-persistence OLED display in the DK2 … Continue reading

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OpenGL 4.5 Specs Released at Siggraph

The Khronos group publicly released the OpenGL 4.5 specification at Siggraph this week. The two biggest changes are OpenGL ES 3.1 compatibility (including ES shaders) and DX11 feature emulation. The first will make it easier to write OpenGL or OpenGL-ES  … Continue reading

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20% of Android devices are OpenGL-ES 3.0 capable

OpenGL-ES 3.0 adoption is continuing at a high pace. We’re still on track for 1/3rd of all Android devices to be OpenGL-ES 3.0 capable by years end, and we haven’t even seen the newest hardware due out in a few … Continue reading

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Procedurally Distributing Game Objects

I was discussing procedural content with someone last week and I was reminded of some research into space filling distributions and their use in games. One interesting procedure that I’ve run across is called the Halton Sequence, and it has … Continue reading

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OpenGL-ES 3.1 Support & Extensions are to be supported in next Android “L” release.

At Google IO, Google announced that OpenGL ES 3.1 and the Android Extension Pack  going to be are released in the upcoming Android L release. OpenGL ES 3.1 brings cleaner shader support and compute shaders, while the Android Extension Pack … Continue reading

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