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First The OpenGL ARB, now the W3C – Microsoft quits World Wide Web Consortium

It was brought to our attention that on March 21 Microsoft announced their withdrawal from the World Wide Web Consortium. The W3C examines how to best standardize how the web works, and how best to make sure that Internet contact … Continue reading

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Is Microsoft poised to open a brawl on the graphics front?

Way back at the July 2002 OpenGL ARB meeting Microsoft made an amazing statement – that it has “possible claims” on IP related to vertex and pixel shader programming. Essentially Microsoft claimed they have patent rights relating to the ARB_vertex_program … Continue reading

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Game Developer’s Conference Announcements

Well, in an about face from previous years, there was lots going on at this year’s GDC. Here are some highlights. NVIDIA Announces new cards – The GeForceFX 5200 and 5600. Both are DirectX 9 cards. The 5200 is expected … Continue reading

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Microsoft Withdraws From OpenGL ARB

In a move that surprised no one, Microsoft withdrew from the OpenGL ARB, citing that it felt OpenGL was not advancing fast enough, and that it wanted to focus it’s energy on DirectX.  Microsoft has been less than useful at … Continue reading

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