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Sony to announce VR HMD at GDC?

The rumor is that Sony might announce its Oculus competitor at GDC – speculation fueled by two of the presenters (Marks and Mikhailov) who have some experience with new technology and might signal the announcement of a commercial implementation of … Continue reading

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New Oculus Head Mounted Display Wows them at CES

Oculus VR marches on, WOWing folks at CES that have gotten a chance to  try out their new Crystal Cove 1080p OLED display plus the newly added motion tracking ability courtesy  of the dots embedded in the headset and monitored … Continue reading

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The start of the Intel Shopping Spree: Intel accquires physics engine maker Havok

The more time goes by, the more I really think that Intel want’s back into the graphics market. Graphics are the most obvious pathway to beefier machines for the consumer and the easier it is to create cool graphics that … Continue reading

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3Dlabs ships OpenGL Shading Language compiler

3Dlabs has released the front-end OpenGL Shading Language compiler as an open source project (here). This is for 3Dlabs’ Wildcat VP line of cards (which will also require the OpenGL 2.0 drivers). This is just the front-end compiler – it … Continue reading

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UT2003 to come with a software renderer

When fetching a graphics device from DirectX, it’s possible to request a software renderer, though until recently no such thing existed. If you didn’t know, graphics god Mike Abrash left Microsoft and had been quietly working on a software renderer … Continue reading

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NVIDIA and Cg – raising some hackles

I have to admit that that I wasn’t particularly enthralled when NVIDIA announced Cg. It’s bad enough that we’ve got DirectX 9′s HLSL and OpenGL 2.0′s GSLang. As someone who got to program DirectX, OpenGL, Glide and CIF (ATI’s proprietary … Continue reading

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Game Developer’s Conference Announcements

Well, in an about face from previous years, there was lots going on at this year’s GDC. Here are some highlights. NVIDIA Announces new cards – The GeForceFX 5200 and 5600. Both are DirectX 9 cards. The 5200 is expected … Continue reading

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