3DO assets to be bid on by 7 companies on Aug. 14th

By the deadline, Microsoft, Turbine Entertainment Software, Crave Entertainment (all US), Eidos (Britain), Ubi Soft (France), JoWooD Productions Software (Germany), and Namco Hometek (Japan) have all filed to bid in the Aug. 14 auction. According to the court order bidders were required to place deposits of anywhere from $US10,000 to $US100,000 to bid on the various asset groups, which include the in-progress games Street Racing Syndicate and Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Bidders interested in all of the assets ponyed up $US250,000.

Update – Ubisoft got “Might & Magic” et. al. for $US1.3 million, Namco got “Street Racing Syndicate” for $US1.5 million, JoWood got “Jacked” for $US90 thousand, Crave got “Army Men” for $US750 thousand, Microsoft got “High Heat Baseball” for $US450 thousand, Patent Purchase Manager LLC bought some various IP and tools for $US75 thousand, and Trip himself bought some unfinished games and IP for about $US400 thousand. In all they got US$4.6 million, lower than expected. Looks like everyone got a good deal except for 3DO shareholders.

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