Intel, NVIDIA, ATI account for 80% of the GPU market for Q2 – 45% of that DX9 capable

XBitlabs reports some Mercury Research results for Q2 graphics market share from Q1. The big winner is Intel (even before they release the fricken Grantsdale chipset) increasing share from 27% to 32% – due to the integrated P4 chipsets. ATI increased from 20% to 21%, and NVIDIA fell from 31% to 27%. The report also said that NVIDIA had 60% of the DirectX 9 market share. Not bad for a company that botched its first DirectX 9 product release, although it seem that most of these were entry level (GeForceFX 5200) components. Still, it goes a long way to verify NVIDIA’s strategy of shipping only DirectX 9 capable products in its latest lineup. That leaves ATI with 40% of the DirectX market, though those are where most of the high end cards went. This roughly means 45% of the Q2 graphics market share was DirectX 9 capable cards.

The remaining 20% of the graphics market went mostly to SiS/XGI. Matrox Graphics, Trident Microsystems (now sold to XGI), S3 Graphics/VIA, Silicon Motion and 3Dlabs now occupy very small market shares.

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