Kick-ass graphics and Larrabee!

Back in 2008 I took a job with Intel. Intel was starting to ramp up its Larrabee effort and was looking to hire some knowledgeable graphics engineers who could also talk to game developers about *other* things like threading, performance, and optimization. This kept me pretty busy with not enough time to talk about graphics, optimization. And there’s no though about talking about Larrabee since that was not my group.  Unfortunately Larrabee wasn’t ready in time so that aspect of my job, while quite a lot of fun, won’t be ready for public consumption for a while. On the other hand, the other aspects of my job were chugging along and I get to do conference talks of these aspects as well, so expect to see some information on multithreading using tasks, using performance tools, programming on Intel’s integrated graphics cores (which really don’t suck anymore), and something new for me, data parallelism though SSE/AVX programming. Since this stuff isn’t as secret as Larrabee, I’m reactivating and reworking my old website into a blog format, since that what is was way back before they had anything called a blog.

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