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DirectX Next

DirectX Next – Oh Pleeeze! The slides from Microsoft’s Meltdown 2003 are available here. I’ve not been a fan of DirectX’s piecewise distribution of shader technology – not so much for the hardware folks as for the consumers. When I’d … Continue reading

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NVIDIA comes on board the OpenGL ARB

NVIDIA is now one of nine permanent board members, the other being 3Dlabs, ATI, Evans & Sutherland, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Intel, and SGI. NVIDIA had been a term member. Apple, Dell Computer, Matrox, and Sun are term members. A term member … Continue reading

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ATI releases RenderMonkey 1.0

If you’re an artist leaning shader programming, a programmer interesting in having a shader testbed, or just interested in shader programming, ATI has released RenderMonkey 1.0. (To find out what RenderMonkey can do, look here.) According to ATI RenderMonkey has … Continue reading

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Intel, NVIDIA, ATI account for 80% of the GPU market for Q2 – 45% of that DX9 capable

XBitlabs reports some Mercury Research results for Q2 graphics market share from Q1. The big winner is Intel (even before they release the fricken Grantsdale chipset) increasing share from 27% to 32% – due to the integrated P4 chipsets. ATI … Continue reading

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ShaderWorks’ update

I got an eMail from Scott Bean of Mad Software with some updated info on ShaderWorks in which he addresses some of the comments of my earlier article and I thought I’d share his comments here. While a price hasn’t … Continue reading

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DirectX 9 Beta 2 SDK is available

Microsoft’s Beta Place has posted the DX9 Beta 2 SDK. This update is 9.0b. If you’re a beta member then you can get the beta from the Beta Place. This will become a public release in “the very near term.”

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Mad Software preps ShaderWorks – a shader development tool for DirectX

We’re a bit dubious of non-free strictly shader development tools given the plethora of freely available tools from graphics card vendors anxious to build up a market. Into this void steps Mad Software with ShaderWorks, a shader development tool. It … Continue reading

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UT2003 to come with a software renderer

When fetching a graphics device from DirectX, it’s possible to request a software renderer, though until recently no such thing existed. If you didn’t know, graphics god Mike Abrash left Microsoft and had been quietly working on a software renderer … Continue reading

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