Ex-Infinium Officer sues, case settled out of court

Ex-Infinium Executive Vice President Terry Nagy is suing Infinium Labs as well as officers Timothy Roberts and Robert Shambro for fraud and breach of contract. Nagy started working for Infinium in 2002. He says his job was to acquire gaming content for the Phantom and that they used his reputation and experience in the industry to generate publicity and credibility for the system and to raise approximately $US 15M in venture capital – while promising him a big payoff in shares of company stock. Nagy says Infinium cancelled his email and cell telephone service in the fall of 2003 and stopped returning his calls. Infinium then merged into a shell company and a public market for its stock developed. Nagy claims Roberts and Shambro netted millions of shares of stock but he received nothing. He’s seeking the value of the stock the company owes him for his work. The case was later cancelled when Infinium offered to negotiate a settlement out of court, details unknown. The suit is dismissed without prejudice, meaning that the suit can still be filed at a later date.

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