More Inifinium amusements

Kyle Bennett, owner and mouthpiece for, announced that HardOCP has filed a lawsuit against Infinium Labs in response to Infinium Lab’s demands to HardOCP demanding that the site retract an article published last September which profiled Infinium’s CEO Tim Roberts and delved into Roberts’ past business history and Infinium’s record to date in a highly unflattering manner This was supposed to force Infinium to bring the issue to a quick resolution. Infinium eventually filed its own lawsuit in response. Here a short synopsis from GameSpot. If you’d like to read the – rather scathing – article on Infiniums Labs CEO Tim Roberts that was posted on HardOCP the get it here. Ya gotta wonder at someone who had the phrases “Long before the Internet existed” and “where wizards stayed up late,” in his resume. Gack. OTOH, he did co-found Broadbrush Coatings, a full-service industrial, commercial and residential painting contractor specializing in new commercial exteriors, tenant finish contracts, high-quality wall covering and upper-end custom homes. 1999-2003. …amongst other things – like a surprising number of CEO/Director/etc. positions in the last eight years.

In short – rather that worry about the effect all this crap has on the E3 showing, Infinium is bothering with this and bringing a shitstorm of unwanted publicity on themselves. Not a good sign.

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