I’ll be teaching Modern OpenGL-ES 3.0 & 3.1 Programming @ AnDevCon in Boston

I will be speaking at AnDevCoADC-SpeakerBadgen in Boston, MA this coming May. My half-day tutorial starts Tuesday May 22nd at 9am. I’ll be talking about Modern OpenGL-ES, basically covering all the new stuff in 3.0 AND 3.1. The tutorial will focus on best practices for OpenGL-ES, what the new features are that you should know about and how to optimize for best performance. I’ll also be covering different ways to start programming GLES-3.0 right now! Topic will include;

  • Compute Shaders
  • Shader Objects
  • New Shader Language Features
  • Indirect Draw Commands
  • How to use EGL
  • All the ways to draw stuff – ease of use vs. performance
  • Debugging tools and techniques

I’ll be co-presenting the tutorial with Rudy Cazabon (@RudyCazabon) owner of the Synthetic Aperture blog.  If you’d like to save some money on registration, you can use “Fosner” as a discount code. Follow the updates on Twitter @AnDevCon

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