OpenGL @ GDC

There are a bunch of happenings @ GDC regarding OpenGL this year.

The Khronos meetings – OpenGL, OpenGL-ES, & WebGL

Meeting room #262 is located on the West Mezzanine level of the Moscone convention center, just down from the South Lobby and above Halls ABC. Attendees must have a GDC conference or exhibitor pass to attend.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

OpenGL-ESĀ  – 5:00 PM to 6

OpenGL – 6:00 PM to

Thursday, March 20, 2014

WebGL – 5:00 PM to


Tech Talks, Sessions, Courses and Papers at GDC

Massively Parallel AI on GPGPUs with OpenCL or C++

Mon March 17
1:45 PM
Alex Champandard (, Andrew Richards (Codeplay)

Avoiding Catastrophic Performance Loss: Detecting CPU-GPU Sync Points

Wed March 19
2:00 PM
John McDonald (NVIDIA)

OpenGL ES 3.0 and Beyond: How To Deliver Desktop Graphics on Mobile Platforms

(Presented by Intel Corp)

Wed March 19
2:00 PM
Chris Kirkpatrick (Intel Corp), Jon Kennedy (Intel Corp)

Getting the Most Out of OpenGL ES

(Presented by ARM)

Wed March 19
3:30 PM
Dave Shreiner (ARM), Tom Olson (ARM), Daniele Di Donato (ARM)

Approaching Zero Driver Overhead in OpenGL

(Presented by NVIDIA)

Thu March 20
1:00 PM
Cass Everitt (NVIDIA), John McDonald (NVIDIA), Graham Sellers (AMD), Tim Foley (Intel)

Bringing Unreal Engine 4 to OpenGL: Enabling High-End Visuals from PC to Mobile

(Presented by NVIDIA)

Thu March 20
2:30 PM
Evan Hart (NVIDIA), Mathias Schott (NVIDIA), Nick Penwarden (Epic Games)
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