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DirectX 9 Beta 2 SDK is available

Microsoft’s Beta Place has posted the DX9 Beta 2 SDK. This update is 9.0b. If you’re a beta member then you can get the beta from the Beta Place. This will become a public release in “the very near term.”

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UT2003 to come with a software renderer

When fetching a graphics device from DirectX, it’s possible to request a software renderer, though until recently no such thing existed. If you didn’t know, graphics god Mike Abrash left Microsoft and had been quietly working on a software renderer … Continue reading

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DirectX 9.0a SDK is available

There are some performance tweaks, support for anti-aliased render targets, some DirectPlay fixes, and a Managed DirectX security fix. For developers there’s some new D3DX functionality, otherwise it looks pretty much the same. If you’re not a developer and you … Continue reading

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NVIDIA and Cg – raising some hackles

I have to admit that that I wasn’t particularly enthralled when NVIDIA announced Cg. It’s bad enough that we’ve got DirectX 9’s HLSL and OpenGL 2.0’s GSLang. As someone who got to program DirectX, OpenGL, Glide and CIF (ATI’s proprietary … Continue reading

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Microsoft Withdraws From OpenGL ARB

In a move that surprised no one, Microsoft withdrew from the OpenGL ARB, citing that it felt OpenGL was not advancing fast enough, and that it wanted to focus it’s energy on DirectX.  Microsoft has been less than useful at … Continue reading

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Carmack backs OpenGL in shader wars

By Andrew Orlowsk – the Register Game god John Carmack has given OpenGL his blessing in the ever-thickening shader wars. Carmack says that given the 3Dlabs P10 card, he opted to use the OpenGL 2.0 extensions for the shader path, … Continue reading

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