I’ve got a new toy….an HTC Vive dev kit!

Got my HTC Vive! Sweet! After a prelim checkout, we’ve decided to give it it’s own space. Need to mount the lighthouses, plus extension cords (really Valve! 3 foot cords for something that’s supposed to be mounted near the ceiling?).HTCViveBox


The lighthouses are totally independent, you just need to run a (50′) sync cable between them.

Going to ceiling mount the HMD cables so the cables drop in the center of the “play area”. The HMD connects to the PC. The controllers are (optionally) wireless. Batteries (plus spares) included. Plus chargers!

Kudos to Valve – it’s excellently packaged, with some great, clear instructions (bitching about the short power cables aside). Best of all they had Amazon product URL’s for a bunch of accessories! This is the way dev kits should be delivered.

Now to let the Vive duke it out with the Morpheus!

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