Phantom Lapboard – still alive

It’s been as while since I reported on Phantom Entertainment (nee Infinium Labs) and I though I’d check up on them as I haven’t seen the Lapboard reported on it a while. It’s seems they are still alive, though barely. After an initial rush of somewhat positive reviews in the media, the Lapboard seems well received by those it is targeting – online gamers who sit withing 10 ft of the TV. Definitely not a data-entry design, but apparently suitable for the target audience. Personally I’d like to see a few improvements to make it a bit more general purpose – say for those of us who’d use it for HTPC’s and big-screen web-surfing. YMMV. You can check it out yourself here.

Update: It’s always nice to get a response, and I got one from the Phantom CEO, John Landino (see comment below). I’ve edited the article to reflect some corrections he was gracious enough to share with me. The original subtitle was “still barely alive”, but after a year on Amazon they have over a dozen reviews, so being in business 4+ years and getting sold on Amazon amongst other places they are doing better than I thought.

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