Phantom Entertainment (nee Infinium Labs) actually ships something!

Well almost it seems. Phantom Entertainment (formally Infinium Labs), after many many many false starts to ship 1) a game console, 2) a streaming game service and 3) a keyboard/mouse combination called the lapboard, apparently shipped the company’s first product, the Phantom Lapboard. The lapboard features a wireless swiveling keyboard with a shelf under it for a mouse. In fact, if you read the history of Infinium’s tech demos (start here) you’ll find that the lapboard was the only thing that’s a constant, the only things that was apparently real an any of their demos. Now they have apparently been shipping out actual Lapboards (@ $129) to consumers (sorry, currently sold out). So I guess a hearty cheer should be given? Maybe not. Let’s see, where to start.n.

Tim Robert’s starts the whole thing in 2002. Scandals occur. Leaves in 2005 with a boatload of stock. Many scandals follow. Rejoins as Chairman of the Board. Resigns in July 2007, the same time that Infinium gets $1.3 million loan agreement with European Investors LINLEY Management S.A. They double the number of outstanding shares to 2.4 BILLION. In September 2008 the SEC settles the charges with Roberts and as part of the settlement, Roberts agreed to be barred from serving as an officer or director of any public company for five years and, to be barred from participating in any offering of penny stock for five years. In Aug. 2008 a company called Phantom Gaming Service is incorporated in Delaware, with many of the same folks who work at Phantom Entertainment, plus Tim Roberts on board. Three days later, Phantom Entertainment gets $65K and some stock from Phantom Game Service AKA Phantom Streaming AKA StreamServ. 49% of the stock in fact. Phantom Game Service gets “technologies” powering the Phantom Game store – which had 1 (one) successful day before it shut down. Phantom Game Service then sells these technologies to a company called Game Streamer for cash and stock. Game Streamer enters into an agreement with (drum roll) Phantom Entertainment to give them access to all the technology & stuff originally in the Phantom Game Store. Who’s Phantom Game Service? Incorporated in October 2008 by Tim Roberts and friends. You can’t make this shit up. Do the math. He only needs 500 folks to prepay for a Lapboard to break even.

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