New “Longhorn” due in April WinHEC

In an e-mail to developers on Wednesday, Microsoft said it would offer a new developer preview release of Longhorn at the company’s Windows Hardware Engineering Conference (WinHEC), April 25-27 in Seattle. The preview will be the first public build of Longhorn in a year, and a lot has changed, internally, since Microsoft moved Longhorn to a new component-based structure that will make the system easier to install and modify. Given Longhorn’s schedule, the WinHEC build will be a pre-beta 1 release. Other topics include enhancements that Longhorn will bring to mobile computing, including support for secondary displays. Microsoft lists a session devoted to the hardware requirements for Longhorn. “This session explores the components that define a Windows Longhorn-ready PC and covers core system requirements, marketing considerations, and the timeline for customer awareness leading up to Windows Longhorn PC availability,” Microsoft said on the site.

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