Halo 2 – record $US 125 million in first day of sales

Wednesday Microsoft reported sales of 2.38 million units for the game in the 24 hours since it went on sale in the United States and Canada at 12:01 a.m. Tuesday. With the standard version of the game priced at $US 50 and the deluxe edition going for $US 55, the $US 125M tally handily beat the $US 100M first-day sales predicted by Microsoft Vice President Peter Moore. The game’s $US 125M opening day lives up to Microsoft predictions that “Halo 2” would eclipse even the biggest Hollywood openings. “Spider-Man” holds the record for biggest opening weekend box office take, raking in a comparatively paltry $US 114M over three days. The Incredibles, launched this past weekend, drew a $US 70M in its first three days. Time to tell Uncle Bob to take a hike next time he ask how “that game job” is going.

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