David Eberly Rejoins NDL

NDL, the company that makes the Gamebryo middleware to help speed game development, announced that David Eberly has rejoined the company. Eberly left in 2000 to serve as the president of Magic Software, but has now rejoined the company to continue to work with NDL’s technology team. Eberly previously was NDL’s Director of Engineering and is now employed by NDL to work on future versions of their Gamebryo technology.

“Dave is a brilliant technologist, and one of the leaders in the field of physics and 3D graphics,” NDL President and CEO John Austin told GameDAILY BIZ. “He has PhDs in Computer Science and Mathematics, and has written several books on the subjects.”

Eberly is an industry veteran and well known mathematician, particularly as it applies to physics and 3D graphics for video game design. He contributes regularly to conferences and message boards in the game development community and is the author of “Game Physics,” “3D Game Engine Design,” “3D Game Engine Architecture,” and “Geometric Tools for Computer Graphics.” In addition to his responsibilities with NDL, Eberly will continue his role as an editor for the book series from publisher Morgan Kaufmann on Interactive 3D Technology.

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