Creative continues marching though consumer space

Coming up from off-screen, Creative Labs has acquired Sensura for $US6.4M, acquiring all of Sensura’s 3D sound IP and existing deals. Some of Sensaura’s consumers include Analog Devices, Audiotrak, Cirrus, Crystal Logic, C-Media, ESS, Guillemot-Hercules, VideoLogic, M-Audio, NVIDIA, Realtek, Terratec, Yamaha, Voyetra Turtle Beach, and VIA Technologies… in other words pretty much everyone that Creative already isn’t selling to. Seansaura was an interesting company since they didn’t make chips – they basically did 3D sound research – and did a very good job with their “digital ear” technology. Basically they were really good at creating sounds for reproduction in 3D environments – especially those reproduced by headphones. This is particularly interesting since folks like NVIDIA & VIA are competing directly with Creative through Creative’s 3DLabs subsidiary. I haven’t heard much from 3DLabs lately, and talks with NVIDIA and ATI show they are focusing on targeting the workstation market (traditional 3DLabs territory). It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out.

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