Fun and Games at E3

It’s come to my attention that not only did NVIDIA have the band Smashmouth at their E3 party, they had porn star “Catalina” there as well. (view the party pix here…) which has apparently upset some shareholders on the Yahoo NVDA board. Jeez, whom do they think the target audience is anyway? Alcohol fueled nerds being wooed at a party by a video card company is no big news, it’s expected!. Besides ATI supposedly had Smashmouth at their E3 party in 2001, so NVIDIA is just playing catch-up. Hell, ATI was expensing lapdances for some select game developers at E3 in Atlanta a few years ago, so having a porn star bounce around is certainly going to be cheaper in the long run. Whatever it takes to get game developers favoring your cards is the name of the game, and selling sex to nerds is certainly fun and easy. Though – looking at the pictures is a bit pathetic – like Siggraph at New Orleans, when the girls flip their tops up for beads and all the nerds bring their digital cameras came out, I was genuinely ashamed to be associated with those pathetic guys. But I’m not complaining, the nudity certainly livened things up.

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